After the interrogations, observations and appraisals are complete, the really hard part begins. Now you receive a sometimes sobering review of your situation from someone who is not a family member or beholden to you for their retirement. This is the baby-ugly moment and we're not going to lie: sometimes it hurts. But without friction there can be no growth. Our goal is to compare and contrast the current state we assessed with the desired state we brainstormed and then build a plan to attack the resulting gap analysis.

Our advising process is more than a simple list of things that are wrong; we outline concrete ways to improve your condition. Maybe your ugly baby just needs a hat. Maybe your ugly baby needs plastic surgery. Some solutions we suggest may involve us, but many will not. (Note: We do not actually recommend plastic surgery for infants.)

This sounds painful; in reality, this process can be very liberating. When our clients trust us to get to this point, we know there are some exciting times right around the corner. This is how we learn. This is where we grow. This is when the fun starts.

Virtual CXO

When a company grows, quite often the leaders of yesterday are not prepared, willing or the ideal leaders for the future. When you find yourself in this transitional period, sometimes the right model is to leverage the skills, knowledge and experience you may not have - or even want - to bolster your company and take that next big step. Think of this like "leader leasing" where you are able to get way more "leader for the buck" than you could potentially afford if you were trying to hire for a full-time roll. Our virtual CXO services allow you to reap the benefits of a seasoned and skilled veteran at a more manageable investment level.

Staffing Services

As you continue to grow, there will inevitably come a time when you need more resources. Whether these resources are technical, managerial, support or otherwise, we can work with you to clarify your need, duration, budget and build a plan to staff your operation. From temporary services up to and including full-time hires, let our team do the tedious work of verifying skills and vetting out the right fit for your company. In contrast to other companies, we are able to augment your staff in a way that is financially feasible, easy to understand and not a burden to your bottom line.