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Founder and Managing Director

Derek Fournier

Founder and Managing Director

Derek Fournier is a distinguished leader at Plain Sight Strategy Group, renowned for his strategic acumen in technology innovation and business transformation. With an impressive career spanning various leadership roles, Derek has consistently driven financial growth and competitive advantage through visionary strategy and innovation. At Plain Sight Strategy Group, he excels in guiding Fortune 100 companies and private equity clients through complex transformations, adeptly aligning technology strategies with market dynamics to accelerate growth and enhance portfolio value.

Derek's expertise extends to dynamic team creation and leadership, where he has successfully built and led high-performing teams to execute ambitious projects. His strong background in communication and software development ensures that innovative solutions are clearly articulated and effectively implemented, making him a pivotal figure in tech-driven business environments. His approach is deeply rooted in delivering tangible results and fostering sustainable success through strategic foresight and meticulous execution.



Jim Learish


Jim is a Partner at Plain Sight Strategy Group, bringing a distinguished background as an executive and strategist, with a deep expertise in operational leadership and corporate finance. His tenure includes impactful roles such as CEO, President, COO, and CFO, where he guided organizations through significant transformations and strategic decisions that preserved stakeholder value.

With an MBA from Duke University, Jim has excelled in demanding roles that demand rigorous strategic analysis and decisive action. His experience spans strategic and operational leadership, crisis management, business development, capital fundraising, M&A due diligence, and orchestrating successful public offerings. At Plain Sight Strategy Group, Jim skillfully combines technology innovation with business acumen to lead our clients toward exciting growth and undeniable success.



Joe Carino


Joe Carino is a seasoned executive at Plain Sight Strategy Group, distinguished by his expertise in operational leadership and strategic execution. His career spans significant roles in project financial management, operational oversight, and strategic development, effectively propelling organizations to substantial growth and operational efficiency. At Plain Sight Strategy Group, Joe leads efforts in guiding Fortune 100 companies and private equity firms through crucial transformations, adeptly merging targeted operational tactics with overarching strategic goals to boost performance and value creation.

Joe's leadership is marked by his adeptness in building dynamic teams and spearheading strategic initiatives that align with comprehensive business objectives. His diverse background ensures that he delivers sustainable improvements and measurable results in challenging business environments. With a focus on creating innovative yet pragmatic solutions, Joe consistently secures long-term success and enhances stakeholder satisfaction.

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Plain Sight Strategy Group: Unearthing Business Potential for Transformational Success

Every transformative venture thrives on clarity, vision, and strategic execution. At Plain Sight Strategy Group, we embody these principles, empowering enterprises ready for transformative evolution. With decades of experience at the forefront of growth strategies and technology optimizations, our team of executives brings a wealth of knowledge from industry giants and top-tier consultancies.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: solutions to many business challenges are often in plain sight. We engage holistically, offering tailored strategies in leadership development, business evolution, and technology refinement. By focusing on streamlining processes and amplifying revenue, our value-centric approach fosters partnerships that transcend transactional exchanges, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

At Plain Sight Strategy Group, the strength of our network is a cornerstone of our success. We leverage a vast array of industry influencers and seasoned professionals, ensuring our clients are not just equipped with strategic blueprints but also with the optimal tools and expertise for tangible success.

Embark on a transformative journey with Plain Sight Strategy Group. Tap into our rich legacy of experience and a robust network, primed to reshape and elevate your business horizon. Contact us today to discover how our collective expertise can transform your business.