A note about our Founder

With over 30 years of experience in technology and management, Derek Fournier stands out as a seasoned professional known for his strategic foresight and transformative leadership. His legacy includes delivering high-performance product and customer solutions for industry giants such as Microsoft and Intrinsic Technologies. Through his distinctive blend of business acumen and tech-savviness, Derek consistently offers immense value, driving organizations toward growth and market leadership.

From 2010 to 2020, Derek was a pivotal figure at DeCurtis Corporation, where he climbed the ranks to become Chief Executive Officer. Here, he steered the company to industry leadership in location and proximity solutions tailored for intricate indoor settings. Always a step ahead, Derek adapted swiftly to the pandemic's challenges, launching innovative solutions for the hospitality sector that combined facial recognition with thermal imaging.

Before DeCurtis, Derek founded Plain Sight Strategy Group, providing strategic guidance to a wide range of companies on leadership development, technology enhancement, and business metamorphosis. His tenure there is marked by the development of top-tier solutions for over half of the (at the time) Fortune 100 companies. Derek also played a key role at Intrinsic Technologies, propelling its consultancy practice to national prominence. Starting his career at Microsoft Corporation, he made instrumental contributions to the growth of key products, pushing them to billion-dollar valuations.

In essence, Derek's multifaceted expertise spans business process refinement, team dynamics, strategic envisioning, and technology rollouts. His career serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to elevating business through technological integration.

About Plain Sight

Plain Sight Strategy Group: Unearthing Business Potentials for Transformational Success

Every transformative venture is built on clarity, vision, and strategic execution. Plain Sight Strategy Group, under the leadership of Derek Fournier, is testament to this. With three decades championing growth strategies and technology optimizations for industry stalwarts such as Microsoft and top-tier consultancies, Derek extends his expansive expertise to enterprises poised for transformative evolution.

Our philosophy revolves around a simple yet profound insight: the solutions to many business challenges are often in plain sight. We engage holistically, offering tailored strategies in leadership cultivation, business evolution, and technology refinement. As we focus on streamlining processes and amplifying revenue, our value-centric approach fosters partnerships that transcend transactional exchanges, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our unique edge is not solely based on our strategic prowess. Recognizing the immense value of the right resources and collaborations, Derek harnesses his vast network of industry influencers and experienced professionals. This ensures businesses are not just equipped with strategic blueprints but also with the optimal tools and expertise for tangible success.

Engage with Plain Sight Strategy Group, and set forth on a transformative journey. Tap into a rich legacy of experience and a robust network, primed to reshape and elevate your business horizon.