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    The Who of Business: Relationships Before Results


    Explore Derek Fournier's latest blog on the transformative power of relationships in business at Plain Sight Strategy Group. Discover how focusing on 'who' rather than just 'what' and 'how' can drive success and create meaningful partnerships. Learn why nurturing deep connections with team members and clients is crucial for lasting business impact.

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    It’s Not Just About the Final Score


    In 'It’s Not Just About the Final Score,' Derek Fournier reflects on a conversation with a friend that led to an insightful discussion on the nature of success and failure. Through the lens of sports and personal experiences, he explores the idea that focusing solely on the outcome—the win or loss—overshadows the journey and effort leading up to those pivotal moments. The blog encourages readers to appreciate the entire process, acknowledging the small victories and lessons learned along the way, rather than just the final result.

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    Navigating the Contrarian Cynicism: A Plea for Humanity and Sanity


    In this blog post, Derek Fournier delves into the pervasive trend of contrarian cynicism in professional discourse, reflecting on the shift from meaningful debate to soundbite-driven criticism. He critiques the tendency to dismiss rather than engage, calling for a return to genuine, human-centric dialogue. Fournier encourages readers to prioritize listening over speaking and constructive conversation over confrontation, advocating for a cultural shift towards empathy and understanding in communication.


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