Episode 4 - Head, Heart and Hands with Huw Edwards


Join Derek Fournier on Plain Spoken as he dives into a transformative conversation with Huw Edwards, a former corporate professional turned transformation coach. Discover key insights on integrating intellect with intuition and the power of authentic connections.

  • Exploring the concept of surrendering to opportunities and the impact of embracing all life experiences.

  • Discussion on the symbiosis of faith and science in business, referencing influential figures and classic literature.

  • The role of vulnerability and authenticity in creating deeper connections and successful storytelling.

  • Strategies for integrating one’s unique gifts into their career for fulfillment and impact, including the “path to profitable purpose.”

  • Insights from Huw Edwards’s personal transformation journey from corporate prestige to meaningful coaching.

5 Takeaways

  1. Integration of Intellect and Intuition:
  • Huw Edwards emphasized the importance of combining rational thought and intuition for making well-rounded decisions. This approach suggests that balancing emotional wisdom with intellectual insights can lead to more impactful and inspired actions, particularly in a professional context.
  1. The Power of Surrender and Opportunities:
  • Following the theme of “The Surrender Experiment,” the discussion highlighted the value of being open to unexpected opportunities and surrendering to the flow of experiences. This philosophy can lead to personal and professional growth that one might not achieve through rigid planning and control.
  1. Importance of Authenticity and Vulnerability:
  • The conversation touched upon the significance of being authentic and vulnerable, not only in personal interactions but also in larger business transactions and leadership roles. Influenced by thinkers like Brene Brown, Edwards advocates for authenticity as a means to foster deeper connections and trust.
  1. The Concept of ‘Profitable Purpose’:
  • A major part of the discussion revolved around aligning one’s unique gifts with their professional endeavors to achieve not just economic gain but also personal fulfillment and a broader impact. This “path to profitable purpose” suggests that personal passions and professional engagements should not be mutually exclusive but can synergistically enhance each other.
  1. Holistic Approach to Life and Career Challenges:
  • Both Fournier and Edwards discussed navigating life’s ups and downs through a holistic lens—suggesting gratitude, resilience, and the embrace of life’s full spectrum as tools to handle challenges. Particularly, Edwards brought out the importance of learning from adversity and incorporating these lessons into one’s life philosophy and work ethic.