Episode 3 - Why Not Lead Different: A Conversation with Dan Dominguez

Why Not Lead Different

Discover the power of genuine connection and leadership in this eye-opening conversation. Derek Fournier and guest expert Dan Dominguez delve deep into the principles that drive successful relationships and businesses.

  • Uncover how personal beliefs and “why” can attract the clients and connections that resonate with your vision.

  • Learn the significance of the Japanese concept of Ikigai, and how finding your unique ability can lead to wealth beyond money.

  • Gain insight into the necessity of heart-centered leadership and the courage to do things differently in your industry.

  • Understand the importance of the limbic brain in communication and decision-making, enhancing your ability to connect with others.

  • Explore the challenges of retraining and motivating based on personal values, and using these insights to drive business strategy and success.


  • 00:00 Derek introduces Dan Dominguez as a guest.
  • 05:27 Praise for podcast, discuss audience’s results, trust.
  • 13:37 Realization that daughter perspective sparks change.
  • 21:19 Stumbled into great client, facing personal dilemma.
  • 26:17 Embrace change, help others, understand your personality.
  • 32:03 Thriving in my zone of genius, helping.
  • 32:57 Confidentiality, layoffs, promotions, and ethical moral dilemma.
  • 40:04 Validating experience, seeking universal truths, methodology benefits.
  • 48:17 Leverage unique ability to build trust, success.
  • 49:27 Seek heart centered leaders for positive impact.
  • 59:14 Formed a friendship at a conference, gifted.
  • 01:02:30 Networking, listening, and career progression lessons.
  • 01:09:49 Present ideas in others’ language for success.
  • 01:12:19 Connect with decision-making brain to get results.