The Who of Business: Relationships Before Results

The Who of Business: Relationships Before Results

The Who of Business: Relationships Before Results

Hello, Derek Fournier here from Plain Sight Strategy Group. Today, I want to delve into a topic that has recently reinvigorated my passion for how we are reshaping our company. It’s about the foundational principle of relationships in business, inspired by a powerful quote from Coach Dan Quinn I stumbled upon on Instagram: “You can only coach somebody to the depth of your relationship with them.”

This quote resonates deeply with our current phase at Plain Sight Strategy Group, especially as we navigate through what I like to call our ‘reboot phase.’ Historically, we’ve been very focused on the what and the how—what services we provide, how we deliver them, and our unique methodologies. But I’ve come to realize that the core of sustainable business isn’t just found in products or services but significantly in the who.

Understanding the ‘Who’

When I mention the ‘who,’ I’m referring to two critical dimensions:

  1. Who our clients are: It’s crucial to understand who could benefit from our services, who needs the solutions we provide, and ultimately, who we are serving.
  2. Who we are: This is about us, the team behind the services. Every company has an ‘About Us’ section, but it’s more than just faces and bios. It’s about who we enjoy working with and the values that drive our interactions.

The Depth of Our Relationships

What has truly sparked my enthusiasm is focusing on the depth of our relationships—not just externally with our clients, but internally within our team. As I’ve crossed the milestone of 50 (yea, I know. I am 52 but I deduct COVID years and so should you!), I’ve embraced a profound truth: I am committed to working only with people I love, trust, respect, and admire.

This principle is not just a preference; it’s a necessity.

These relationships influence the projects we take on. They aren’t just interesting technically or intellectually; they are interesting because they are driven by people I respect and admire. This alignment is what we look for in our clients as well—people who can become integral parts of our lives, contributing to both our success and happiness.

From ‘Why’ to ‘Who’

Simon Sinek famously discusses, “Finding your why.” (paraphrase) For me, it’s about finding your ‘who.’ The people you choose to work with every morning, solve problems with, and whose success you genuinely care about. Our business isn’t driven by the quantity of clients but by the quality of our relationships with them. We aim for deep, meaningful connections that enable us to provide exceptional value.

The Power of Care

Returning to Teddy Roosevelt’s timeless words, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” it’s clear that care is not just a business strategy; it’s a core value. It’s what makes our relationships with clients and team members authentic and profound. If our interactions lack this depth, then we’ve missed the mark.


At Plain Sight Strategy Group, our goal isn’t to amass a vast number of clients. Instead, it’s to build a select group of relationships where we can make a significant impact. This approach doesn’t just pave the way for success; it’s a recipe for happiness.

Thank you for reading, and remember, in business as in life, the depth of your relationships defines the breadth of your impact.