Why Tangents Matter

Why Tangents Matter
July 5, 2011 Derek Fournier

As I look at the sorry excuse for a blog that I have neglected for (a long time) I am disgusted with myself. I know that content matters. I know that you must keep content fresh. I know that, based on my wife’s very vocal position on my propensity to speak, I have a LOT to say.

So why is my blog so stale?


In my case, the tangents are clients. I have some exciting clients that I will eb speaking about over the coming weeks who are doing some very cool things. I am fortunate to be assisting in varied ways grow their business and bring their solutions to a larger audience. And while I still have a love affair with my own inner monologue, the work with them took precedent. This speaks to why tangents matter. Tangents take priority in an almost autonomic manner. (Google / BING it). They rip your focus and do not let it go until the urgent matter is resolved. Too often, in the interest of time management or other, equally noble pursuits, we fight off tangents. In doing so, we miss many gems in life.

Now my tangents were easy to spot, but in the normal day to day activities, you will have hundreds of thought pop in your head. (You may even have some good ones!) A friend of mine (and very smart lady), Sam Horn conveyed to me in a consulting session the idea to “ink it when you think it,” as after you have written down the source of the tangent, you are, “free to forget.” You can then pile it into your time management model of choice and prioritize it. My additional color is to give weight to the ideas that annoy the hell out of you. They are doing it for a reason.

Your job is to figure it out!




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