Basic Blocking and Tackling

Basic Blocking and Tackling
January 6, 2011 Derek Fournier

In Episode 1 we introduced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers main theme of 2010 which was, “The Race to 10.” Beautiful in its simplicity, a well thought out goal or mantra is useless without easy to understand, clear and direct tactics that when executed, lead to the end being attained. In the case of “The Race to 10,” Coach Raheem Morris outlined the following tactics:

  • Play Fast
  • Play Hard
  • Play Smart
  • Play Consistent

We touched on them in Episode 1. Why were these four so important? Why did he choose them over others? How can you create similar, easy to remember and execute tactics for your organization?

While they may seem overly simplistic and fail some mystical maxims about being clearly measureable, using tactics that are this concise and immediately digestible can lead to rapid turnaround.

It did for my beloved Buccaneers.

What is a business corollary?

  1. Think aggressively (Triage)
  2. Act rapidly (Time)
  3. Communicate tirelessly (Time)
  4. Improve continually (Teach)

These are really mantras more than tactics. They are not step-by-step instructions or methods by which you can achieve every specific (explicit) goal. They are Basic Blocking and Tackling that when executed will help insure success at ALL goals. The four I outline above are listed next to their associated concept in my T-Suite ™ formula for success (which you will hear more about in the coming months).

Are you willing to empower your teams to do the four things listed above? Are you prepared to demand it from yourself and from them as part of your company culture? It sounds easy, but many people are simply going through the motions at work. You may have even done it yourself. If you want to create an environment of excitement and truly thrive irrespective of the climate, you must be willing to make these core values part of your organization.

Can you think of an interaction where you have demonstrated one of the “Big Four?”




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