ExecSense Webinar Series Launched

ExecSense Webinar Series Launched
October 15, 2010 Derek Fournier

This  Friday (10/15/2010) I’m leading an ExecSense Webinar on How to Give A Motivational Speech as a CEO of a VC-Funded Company. You can get more information at http://ExecSense.com/details.asp?id=1887. This should be a very exciting program and if you mention I sent you, along with the code “2for1”, you also get a free pass to any other ExecSense Program! It should be a great discussion of giving an inspiring motivational speech. Also, please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested and be sure they mention the discount code and my name when ordering!

This represents the second Webinar in a series of Public Speaking for varied professional fields. ExecSense offers a number of different ways to participate in this learning experience that I encourage you to evaluate.




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